KN95 Face Mask (FFP-2)


Our masks are suitable for the face shape, invisible and very comfortable with an adjustable nose clip. It is produced from nonwoven fabric with fine particle filtration material. Ultrasonically welded ear buds are compatible with every head structure. It has a design that facilitates breathing and does not cause deformities caused by collapse. It is designed in accordance with head ergonomics and includes the mouth and nose. Our masks provide protection against solid particles or water-based aerosols in the ambient air. Preventing pollution, each one is packaged separately.


Product Code: KN95 (FFP2)

  • Non Woven Fabric
  • Without valve
  • White
  • Function: Anti-smog PM2.5 Powder,
  • Protective effect: 5 times Filtration
  • Invisible aluminum nose clip
  • High quality ear muffs provide extra comfort with high elastic band design
  • Non-woven fabric helps protect your health


  • KN95 MASK (Single)
    KN 95 Single Package Dimension: 170x120x120 mm
    Number of Masks in the Package: 1
  • KN95 MASK (Box)
    KN 95 Mask Package: 380 (h) x470 (l) x540 (w) mm
    Number of Masks in Box: 900

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