Child Mask – Type 2 R Disposable Surgical Face Mask with Soft Elastic Band (Meltblown Filter Non-Steril)

Special Meltblown Filtered and Soft Elastic Ears Disposable Mask

The biggest complaint of those who use masks is that it get pain the ears when used for a long time. Dost Mask solved this problem with specially textured ear friendly elastics.

Made with 3 layers of non-woven fabric that facilitates breathing. Nose clip provides a perfect fit to the face. Meltblown filter keeps viruses, bacteria and particles in the air away from the mouth and nose area. Special production elastic ear loop  that does not create pressure does not irritate the back of the ear.


  •  Size: 140mm x 85 mm
  • 3 Layers 75 Gr. Nonwoven Spunbond
         Inner layer: 20 gr Nonwoven Spunbond
         Middle layer: 25 gr Meltblown Filter
    Outer Layer: 30 gr Nonwoven Spunbond
  • Nose Clip: PP coated aluminum wire is used.
  • Elastic Ear Loop: Pain-Free Soft Elastic Band
  • Filtration: BFE> 99% With the test reports received in the framework of EN 14683 Standards, the BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) value has been registered as greater than 99%.

Packaging Options

Packages that we pack in 50 or 10 pieces are delivered in special parcels.

Dost Maske – 50 Pcs. – 10x20x10,5 cm

Dost Maske - Koli - 2000 Adet

Dost Maske – Koli 2000 Pcs. – 42x55x43 cm


Click here to see EN 14683 test report

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